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12-12-30        A call for popular outrage

12-12-23        Opportunist parties change their stance

12-12-16        Divineguma Bill will create layers of unelected bodies

12-12-09        The law is king

12-12-02        State control blessed by global capitalism

12-11-25        Israel – most criticised by UN SL situation akin to ME/Israel

12-11-18        BUDGET 2013: Don’t expect social security

12-11-11        Carrying the ‘cross’ on her shoulder

12-11-04        The emergence of Sinhala chauvinism

12-10-28        Hyde Park rally – a turning point

12-10-21        Docs to follow the dons?

12-10-14        What led6 to the attack on the JSC Secretary?

12-10-07        FUTA march generates hate attacks

12-09-30        Attacked with crude oil and stones

12-09-23        Bondage risen to the level of slavery

12-09-16        Vipaksaye Virodhaya too slow and less organized to meet the challenge

12-09-09        All should defend free education and free health

12-09-02        Some media spin fairytales, and more...

12-08-26        Investors plundered by a set of crooks

12-08-19        Explaining Sinhalization to Indians

12-08-12        National populism not a solution for neoliberalism

12-08-05        True Nationalism Vs Imperialist Tribalism

12-07-29        Progressives, Nationalism and the ‘Global Establishment’

12-07-22        Permitted profanity and patriotic spiritualism

12-07-15        Terror, Terrorists and Terrorizing are still here

12-07-08        Be prepared! Sharp turn ahead

12-07-01        Removing the tattoos – Remembering the heroes

12-06-12        Mass struggle the answer general consensus among radicals

12-06-17        Burning issues still on the burner

12-06-10        Ruling with military might

12-06-03        What will be the general’s peace time battle strategy?

12-05-27        With the bourgeoisie to fight chauvinism

12-05-20        Ajith waxes lyrical about economy, masses engage with Marx

12-05-13        Power to the proletariat the need of the day

12-05-06        The patriotic mighty, are they right?

12-04-29        Economic inequity marries political repression in Sri Lanka

12-04-22        Strange bedfellows, still bedfellows

12-04-15        Free of war, but are Sri Lankans truly free?

12-04-08        O’ Mother Lanka what ails thee ?

12-04-01        Sri Lanka at Geneva Big Match

12-03-25        Braving odds to educate the masses

12-03-18        Not today, wait for tomorrow

12-03-11        All march to the same beat, one sings his own song

12-03-04        Who killed Cock Robin?

12-02-26        Conspiracy theories and hatched plots

12-02-19        Solving the National Question the parliamentary way

12-02-12        Face the enemy in unity or back the chauvinists and perish

12-02-05        Real heroes and conspiracy theories behind riots within high walls

12-01-29        Howard Nicholas, Marx and our own understanding of Marxism

12-01-22        Z score, scores more than marks!

12-01-15        A true opposition is emerging

12-01-08        A commission worth taking!

12-01-01        People power to the fore

11-12-25        Not allow the backward chauvinists to dominate

11-12-18        Image building gone wrong?

11-12-11        Land to those who till it

11-12-04        Chauvinism not the solution

11-11-27        A garbage free Dehiwela Mt. Lavinia, sooner or later

11-11-20        Thank you and goodbye

11-11-13        Leadership lacuna

11-11-06        Minority happy, majority weary

11-10-30        Legality and lawlessness

11-10-23        Rule by the Gun of the Gun for the Gun

11-10-16        Left alone or Left together?

11-10-09        Whither goes Nicolas Sarkozy?

11-10-02        The beginning of a radical democratic movement

11-09-25        On ‘running’ and running the city

11-09-18        State of emergency - No man is above the law and no man below it

11-09-11        Once we acknowledge our limits, we go beyond them

DPF and NSSP for a social democratic alternative

11-08-28        Forcing any investigation on Lanka most unlikely

11-08-21        London riots eye opener to those fooled by western democracy

11-08-14        London and Paris going broke

11-08-07        Country needs a pro-proletariat regime

11-07-31        Defeat to the corrupt, oppressive battalions of Mahinda

11-07-24        A new messiah in Nalin de Silva

11-07-17        Sangakkara at Lords - a case mistaken political identity

11-07-10        Plantation workers, not bosses, pawns of trade unions

11-07-03        Mahinda’s pipe dream projects increase national debt

11-06-26        Govt. disowned by international masters

11-06-19        Mahinda faces national and international dilemmas

11-06-12        The UPFA govt. responsible for killing Roshen

11-06-05        Think of a solution based on equality and autonomy

11-05-29        JVP still towing Sinala petty-bourgeoise line

11-05-22        Trouble brewing on Govt’s HR and TU policies

11-05-15        Nirvana can be achieved by any human through proper practice

11-05-08        Joint May Day rally, call for end to oppressive Govt policies

11-05-01        May Day call to revive freedom and democracy

11-04-24        Ban Ki-moon report mere eyewash?

11-04-17        Government trying  to slash workers’ benefits

11-04-10        Intervention in Arab nations mirrors West’s villainy

11-04-03        Petition to the IGP from Rights Dialogue

11-03-27        Tamils voted for freedom and autonomy

       PTA can be used to detain trade union leaders

11-03-13        Stupidity has no limits

11-03-06        UNP and JVP vacillate

11-02-27        IMF et al spawns neo-caste system

11-02-20        JVP to take a federalist position?

11-02-13        State protecting international capital not liberty

11-02-06        Revolutionary situation in Arab World

11-01-30        We stick together for the downtrodden

11-01-23        Mahinda is only a puppet

11-01-16        Athenian democracy being enacted?

11-01-02        Loosing faith of his closest means the end is near for Mahinda?

6        Things are changing now

10-12-19        Tamil freedom rests on fundamental unity

10-12-12        Wrong advice given to President

10-12-05        A struggle for all of us

10-11-28        Friendly discussions on the way to London

10-11-21        Modern problem to be handled by philosophy of science

10-11-14        Capital is free to sweep into any country while labour is restricted

10-11-07        When will civil society be allowed to prevail?

10-10-31        Bharathi Dasan arrest, political action?

10-10-24        Global masters dictate, Hanguranketha Banda executes

Social democracy and the turn it took

10-10-10        What more to expect from a constitutional dictatorship

10-10-03        Singapore no example for Sri Lanka!

10-09-26        Will Sajith survive leadership?

10-09-19        Is centralization of power going to help?

10-09-12        Erosion of bourgeois opposition exposes the intervention of global powers

10-09-05        It’s constitutional consolidation on Sinhala chauvinism

10-08-29        An all-out political confrontation?

10-08-22        Facilitating global capitalism

10-08-15        Lankan workers have begun their struggle!

10-08-08        Worms in UNP want internal election

10-08-01        Laws of man vs. laws of nature

10-07-25        Workers need the help of “Tigers” to do their own battle!

10-07-18        Mahinda Chinthanaya exposed    

10-07-11        IMF today too weak to dictate to borrowers

10-07-04        Mahinda agent of global capital, MNCs

10-06-27        Free public services from rules of competition

10-06-13        Zionism - biggest obstacle to any peaceful settlement

10-06-06        Inequality in field of education fraught with serious consequences

10-05-23        State capitalism to overcome cyclic crisis

10-05-16        Humiliating the Tamils

10-05-09        Dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return

10-05-02        UNP cannot abandon its loyalty to the market economy

10-04-25        Mahinda’s woes not over with two thirds victory

10-04-11        Financial crisis - no signs of abating

10-04-04        No holds barred to establish Sinhala chauvinism

10-03-28        What a scramble for power

10-03-21        Bring them before justice without undue delay

10-03-14        Trade unions in forefront in the fight for justice for Tamils

10-03-07        Mobilize the forces against chauvinists and repression

10-02-28        Only Fonseka can give evidence on war crimes!

10-02-21        Fight for democracy before we are shackled

10-02-14        Dismal outlook for banks to win the next financial crisis

10-02-07        People have been effectively disenfranchised

10-01-24        In war Mahinda acted as India’s cats paw

10-01-17        They silenced a crusader for justice and peace

10-01-10        A Left liberation campaign - the need

10-01-03        Unity is the key to peace and harmony

09-12-27        Time to vote for the truth

09-12-20        No heroes, only suspects of war crimes!

09-12-13        Executive presidency not the culprit

09-12-06        Though united in policy, division is obvious

The general mum on the Tamil national problem

09-11-22        Yank and a Hanuman to battle it out

09-11-15        Ultra left in quandary over presidential candidate

09-11-08        Looming dark clouds

09-11-01       ‘Napoleons’ and ‘Hitlers’ are lurking in the darkocracy

09-10-18       Autocracy preferred to autonomy

09-10-11       Ranil-Karu duo are no safe bets to dispel the gloom

09-10-04       Repression basically given by masters in Washington and Delhi

09-09-27       Enlightened Prof. brings out giant English-Sinhala dictionary

09-09-20       Malefic influence of Saturn affects ruler and the ruled

09-09-13       Mahinda regime is neither proletarian nor socialist

09-09-06       A general amnesty for Tamil political prisoners

09-08-30       Implement the 13th Amendment, abolish the presidency

09-08-23       Will Tamils be driven to another insurrection?

09-08-16       String Theory unravelling the mystery of the universe

09-08-09       Unrest looming large

09-08-02       Forthright in defence of human rights

09-07-26       UNP outmanoeuvre Manhinda and JVP

09-07-19       Inmates lack basic needs

09-07-12      Socialism the only remedy

09-07-05      Human rights issue haunts ruling regime

09-06-28      Viva devolution 13 plus!

09-06-21      Toothless but certainly not spineless

09-06-14      Pressure to implement devolution as promised

09-06-07      Left failed to champion the Tamil cause

09-05-31      Diyasena reborn

09-05-24     Oppressor could be ten times more ruthless than the oppressed

09-05-17     Sri Lankan entities abroad under threat of violence

09-05-10     Much maligned ‘Regaining Sri Lanka’ to Mahinda’s rescue

09-05-03     Racially oriented sinister plan to change demography

09-04-26     Right wing bureaucracy attempting to dampen the socialist slant

09-04-19     Mahinda Chinthanaya fails to protect Lankan economy

09-04-12     Only way out is the Left way

09-04-05     Anti capitalism of rural masses loses its glow

09-03-22     All set for the provincial council polls

09-03-29     Left viewpoint on Tamil issue gaining currency

09-03-15     Modern Don Juan Dharmapala with a begging bowl

09-03-08     Economic costs of war will haunt us for a long time

09-03-01     Exploitation is the key word for the shattered industry

09-02-22     Tamil national problem = Palestinian problem?

09-02-15     Stand up and fight to drive the vultures away

09-02-08     Former non aligned leader, India now all out for Mahinda war on terror

09-02-01     Ours is an anti-people, foreign dominated state

09-01-25     Anti fascists close ranks to defeat authoritarianism

09-01-18     The Left Front, the UNP and a Left Bloc

09-01-04     UNP - duplicate of ruling political alliance?

08-12-28     Petrol price reduction the visible GONIBILLA

08-12-21     Lesbians and gay joining to establish classless society

08-12-14     India, Mahinda’s proxy in war

08-12-07     Retrogressive policies of reactionary racists

08-11-30     Artistes... “Quo Vadis”

08-11-23     Champika denies the heritage of Muslims

08-11-16     Obama no Chakravarthi

08-11-09     What about the chauvinism directed at the Tamils?

08-11-02      That O’ Blake Statement

08-10-26     “Lanka belongs to Sinhala” not attractive even to Barack Obama

08-10-19     Capitalism failed to achieve its own programme

08-10-12     Fonseka made immature by the Chinthanaya?

08-10-05     Anger and hatred cannot be erased by chauvinist military actions

08-09-28     A Neanderthal among Canadian bureaucrats!

08-09-21     Professor Munidasa Pathmasri Ranaweera

08-09-14    The true story of an imprisoned deserter

08-09-07     Sinhala hegemony taking a hold

08-08-31     Northern resistance the only help against the hegemony of Sinhala chauvinism

08-08-24     Mahinda a classical warrior king?

08-08-17     How old am I?

08-08-10     Hunger in the belly or in the head?

08-08-03     My dream comes true

08-07-27    Mahinda’s pretensions

08-07-20     Oppressed strike from Northern and Southern fronts

08-07-13     War against Left, Journalists and JVP

08-07-06   Indian Army here to liberate neither Proletariats nor Tamils

08-06-29   Mahinda a prisoner of the UNP and its alliances

08-06-22   Revolutionaries must risk violence but cannot return the favour

08-06-15   Radical Tamils will appreciate JVP mass actions

08-06-08    "Jana Bala Kahala Nadaya" vs "Janagosha"

08-06-01    Continue with Commission disregarding pressure from chauvinists

08-05-25    Mahinda sticks to the Tiger he can handle

08-05-18    Democratic socialized planning the only answer

08-05-11    We don’t need words but real mass action

08-05-04    NGO, Desahitheisi Jathika Viyaparaya responsible for JVP split

08-04-27    Everything elegantly pushed into the future

08-04-20    A conundrum of sorts

08-04-13   Isn’t a political solution the only way out?

08-04-06   This election will crown the TMVP pretender as the new monarch

08-03-30   Anura, elegant liberal democrat

08-03-23    Suppress press freedom is the best way to cover the truth

08-03-16    JVP And Indian conspiracy

08-03-09    The crisis in the Left movement created a bigger crisis in the camp of populism

08-03-02    Faith in a mother’s care, basis of human kindness

08-02-24    We must campaign against the Economic Hardship and the War

08-02-17    Left in Sri Lanka has an important role at this moment

08-02-10    Galloping inflation mainly due to war!

08-02-03   New APRC proposals have divided Mahinda regime

08-01-27    Will there be a third JVP uprising?

08-01-20    13 th amendment, the problem today not the solution

08-01-13    JVP youth to take to the jungle in 2008?

08-01-06    NSSP anniversary, all oppressed were represented

07-12-30    LTTE is supported by weapons from communist China?

07-12-23   Mano wins Human Rights Award

07-12-16    Mahinda's strength

07-12-09    "Pandu Kambala Silasanaya" gets heated up

07-12-02   Fisher folk given step-motherly treatment

07-11-25    Champika the budget winner!

07-11-18    Budget 2008

07-11-11    Sinhala regime playing a role similar similar to Israel

07-11-04    Humourous Attacks on Sinhala Militalism

Lal Kantha's mighty JR

07-09-30    Buddha's revolutionary step of rejecting Brahaministic restrictions on women

07-09-16   JVP must eat their pie

  Journey from Ananda and Peradeniya to Cambridge and beyond

   Trade union alliance
the beacon to the suffering working masses

13-01-09        Quasi-international conspiracies

13-01-02        Where do we go from here?

12-12-26        Power spares none Not even the Judiciary

12-12-19        Fear the power of people

12-12-12        A shocking analogy between female CJ and vanni women

12-11-28        The Budget and Proletarians