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Desire and care

The question whether the human has fundamentally moved out of the animal world or, on the other hand, he is primarily still a naked ape, is raised often in socio-political debates.


There is a popular view that however much the human is affected by the society, moment there is a break down of social bonds human will resort to animal like behaviour. This popular view is used to explain riots and other unacceptable behaviour.

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Postmodernism, Liberal Democracy and the War in Iraq

We have tried to understand the motive behind this aggression (against Iraq). This aggression has violated every aspect of international law, all conventions of human rights. No UN charter could be used to defend this violent intervention.


Leaders of global capital suppressed all accepted norms in this action.
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Methods Of Marx, Kant And Buddha

Common sense understanding begins with separation of things. We categorise the world into different things. We give identities to each physical entity and even things we imagine. Separate discrete, distinct, finite things. This is how we see the world in our common sense. We use the law of identity all the time to separate one from the other. We can identify when a thing appears for the second times.
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Right of self - determination of Ilankai Tamils

The right of self determination of Tamil speaking people is a foremost issue in modern Lankan society.


Though it is related to the Tamil vs. Sinhala conflicts narrated in various chronicles, the present form arises out of the inability to construct a democratic, plural, civil society. Though Sri Lanka (the Sinhala equivalent of Ilankai) is considered a nation by the United Nations Organization, Sri Lankan nationality is yet to be recognized by the masses here.

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It is true the last 4000 years during which patriarchy ruled the world, science & technology developed and arts and music expanded in all directions. But this cannot displace or undermine, the emancipation of humans brought about by feminist societies for nearly 150,000 years……………………………………………..


……..Does feminism means actual physical hegemony of women, or the victory of intimate cooperate culture and a new way of life? Obviously any human can be a feminist in the latter sense and the revolution should be to integrate the entire humanity into collectivist living and to release the humanity from patriarchal chauvinism. In the present society patriarchy reins either under male or female political and administrative leadership. Hence this system has to be over thrown.


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